Energy Property started operations on January 1, 2009. We are a specialty underwriter for exploration and production companies in the oil and gas industry. Our clients are engaged in the exploration for and production of hydrocarbons all over the world, both onshore and in offshore waters. We work exclusively with brokers who specialize in energy risks. Our underwriting offices in New York, London and Houston write to the same capacity and provide the same specialized products to a worldwide clientele.

  • Offshore Property Damage for fixed platforms and mobile rigs
  • Operator’s Extra Expense (OEE) – Expenses for well control, redrilling, and associated costs following a blowout
  • Business Interruption and Loss of Profits
  • Property Damage for Land Drilling Rigs and Oilfield Equipment
  • Offshore Construction Projects
  • Customized Package Programs which may include any or all of the foregoing as well as Marine and Offshore Liability

Oil and gas exploration is a challenging and complex line of business. Underwriters must take into account large risk concentration as well as natural catastrophe exposures such as windstorm. We are committed to being a market leader, performing the analysis necessary to set terms and pricing, develop wordings, model catastrophes and calculate risk aggregation.

Finally, we at Berkley Offshore Energy Property are committed to long-term relationships with our clients and brokers, and to providing superior service and paying claims to our ultimate customer, our insured.